Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursdays Post......just venting!

Thursday what can I say but it started out just lovely (not) trying to collect unemployment for the 2 weeks I was off work during the Holidays which as it turns out is just the biggest pain in the arse ever! My call in time to claim my weeks of unemployed was actually yesterday needless to say we have soooo many people unemployed in this State you can't even get through to the automated system and trying to get a actual live person is a job in its self. Started trying again this morning at 8am and finally got someone to help me thank you jesus about time. After I hung up I called my Brother who got the permanent layoff from his job last week to let him know the procedure on filing. My brother I can tell is taking this pretty hard, 4 kids the prospect of no Insurance for the family and a bleek job market has got him shitting his pants! I hate that because with all the extra worry and stress I'm afraid it will be really hard on his heart because literally he is ticking time bomb.......he is no less then 350lb and I'm going on the light side, can't mow his own grass anymore or sit in a booth at a Restaurant, he sweats when walking at a regular pace, the medicines that he takes is insane for someone who is only 45! I can't say anything to him about his weight because he gets really mad when anyone comments on it, when we go out to eat I never comment on what he orders but he must feel self conscious because he is quick to point out that if I want to eat chicken breast and broccoli go right ahead but he's getting the Macho Nacho's with an extra side of sour cream. Do you ever feel like your watching someone you care about killing themselves slowly? Maybe that is a reason I have chosen my lifestyle, I see my Dad who is at least 350lb also and my brother and I just don't want that......I want to enjoy life, participate in activities! I think it has to be horrible being limited because of your health being poor due to your terrible eating habits and lack of exercise, for my brother I believe food is also a coping mechanism, he has a terrible amount of anxiety and is an overthinker (Brain never shuts up!) thats a family trait........anyways I guess I'm just writing this down as way of venting, I'm just a little sister who would like her brother to be happy and healthy for not just himself but for the family he will leave much to early if he doesn't get a grip on his overall health. Hoping that once he lands back on his feet it will bring him better work/life balance and he will have more time for working on himself.


  1. My hubby is 3 years younger then me, but his health has him much older. I've never seen anyone never have a veggie, at all. He eats mostly fast food or bread and cheese food. We don't know about his health, because he won't get checked out. He said he doesn't want to be told to change his eating habits...but then also says he will go once the MD won't yell about his weight.

    I can't say anything to him, either. It always turns into a fight, and him telling me he'd rathar LIVE life then eat healthy.

  2. Forever Fitness it is hard when you care about someone, you just want them around for the long haul! Hopefully your lifestyle will motivate your hubby when he see's your dedication towards your fitness goals and also witnesses you transform your body/health through proper nutrition and training. For the men in my family well they are hard headed and until that little light bulb goes off in their own head and they get sick of being sick and tired I'm afraid nothing will change.