Thursday, January 15, 2009

Banned Substance

I have been banned from one of my favorite treats. I really only eat them if I am in a pinch but I really do like them, so I'm sad that my family has told me that under no uncertain terms can I eat them anymore because of the foul order that fills the house when I do! I have to admit it is really, really FOF in public also, what in god's name do they put in these bars anyways? Sorry if this has been way to much information but my family wanted me to put a warning out to save some innocent people along the way!


  1. MMMMM.... as long as they're not audible you can always blame it on the dog!

  2. I've tried but the dog won't even hang with me after eating one!

  3. LOL! A lot of those bars and protein powders do the same watch out :)

  4. You are so funny. :)

    That video isnt down there anymore :(

    I am sorry that you are worried about your family. I feel the same about mine. My dad smokes 2 packs per day (actually, he has cut way back and I am super proud of him.) Then my mom eats very unhealthy and I just dont ever ever ever EVER want them to suffer as they get older. I want them to age with ease.

    It is hard to tell them anything because they either take it the wrong way because I choose to eat healthy, or they ignore me cause I am a nurse and its annoying to them.

    Hope you can motivate him somehow.