Monday, January 12, 2009

The Arnold

Wanted to post this Video that I found on YouTube for all the girls that are prepping for the Big Show and get them all pumped up! Hoping I can make it this year for the expo, and take in the Pro/AM figure shows oh and you know the people watching at this thing has to be awesome!

Also I wanted to give a shout out to the Muscle in the City girls! I'm betting they will come back from Columbus with a few juicy stories!!! Good luck ladies and train hard!

If anyone is looking for additional information regarding the Arnold Weekend I have the link below.......


  1. Hi Lisa,

    You look awesome!! You've already qualified for Nationals right? Do you know what show you're going to do yet?
    I will be following your journey!

    The Arnold video was cool. I've been to the Olympia but never the Arnold, I'm hoping to go this year!

  2. Thank you Abby! I'm qualified for Nationals but I don't want to go until I make some major improvements! The girls at that level are some fierce competition. That is so cool that you have been to the Olympia, I would like to go this year just so I can see Cynthia get a 1st call out and win the show! How stinkin cool would that be!

  3. Wow thanks for the shout out and the inspiration! I was there last year at the Arnold...makes me all nervous seeing that :) Yes Gina Wilson is from Michigan probably same one! She is awesome!!